Transformation and Adaptations for the Grid
A grid

The TAG project, started fall 2001, is developping technologies and techniques needed to improve and ease the use of applications on computational grids. It is now continued as a research activity of the LSIIT-ICPS.

We focus on parallel programs using a message passing paradigm, since all the applications we test are MPI applications. Several C, C++ and Fortran applications have been tested using the Globus toolkit. We now propose our own middleware named P2P-MPI which provides an MPI like API for Java programs. The middleware has a peer-to-peer basis enabling automatic discovery of resources, fault-tolerance mechanisms transparent to the programmer, and is easy to deploy since it needs no admin privilege.

This project has been sponsored by the french ministry of research through the ACI GRID program and is part of the ACI GRID network (french). It is developped in the LSIIT-ICPS laboratory.

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