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Quick command guide (p2pmpi 0.29.0)

mpiboot starts a gatekeeper and announces the host as participating to SuperNode.
mpihalt stops the gatekeeper and halts immediately all running hosted applications.
mpistat tell if a gatekeeper is running and lists applications currently hosted.
mpihost [host] [-d] [-n] lists peers knowns to local MPD.
host: idem but at host instead of locally, -d: shows files in remote disk caches, -b numeric display for IPs.
p2pmpirun -n n [-r r] [-l l] [-a a] prog runs the prog class on n processes with a replication degree r. Files to transfer before execution are listed in the l file. Peers are selected using the allocation strategy a (a="spread"|"concentrate"|"dataspread"|"dataconcentrate")
runSuperNode starts the SuperNode (must start one).
stopSuperNode stops the SuperNode.
runVisu runs an observer process that displays hosts, applications, either graphically or in text mode (runVisu --console)
runVisuProxy starts a VisuProxy.
stopVisuProxy stops the VisuProxy.

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